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Latoya Dacosta is the General Manager for the Premier League Clubs Association and the Professional Football Association of Jamaica. She is in charge of Jamaica's top local football Competitions National Premier League, National U-21 and the All Island KO Competition The Premier League and U-21 is run over 9 months . A total of 12 Clubs Participate in these competition. The All Island KO is played by the 14 Parish Champions and the 12 Premier League Clubs. Latoya Dacosta has been the general Manager of the PLCA and the PFAJ from its inception.

The Associations (PLCA and PFAJ ) Chairman is Most. Hon. Edward Seaga.

Latoya Dacosta was Director of Competition of the Jamaica Football Federation, but she resigned in 2007 . She attended the St. Jago High School, Excelsior Community College, University College of the Caribbean, University of Liverpool and the United States Sports Academy.


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